Andre Caputo

3D Artist / 3d Product Expert / Designer

Hello, I’m Andre, I’m a 3D artist specializing in products from the international consumer goods market. I am from Canada. In recent years I have served clients from all over the world. My work has been published in over 45 countries and that number continues to grow day after day. In addition to serving the international consumer goods market, I have been dedicated to teaching my workflow, artistic vision and strategies to thousands of 3D artists around the world.

International experience
12 years (until 2023)

International Award
Platinum Winner A’Design Award & Competition 2021

Awarded Personal Project
The Majestic Watch

Grand Award Jury
Jury Member of A’Design Award & Competition 2023

The evolution of my workflow in the best market for independent 3D artists

I usually say that the consumer goods market is a market with infinite demand. Every day, somewhere in the world, some company will be launching a new product on the market. This could be a new line of products or even a new flavor or aroma from an existing line. The fact is, if you have a great portfolio you won’t run out of work. On the contrary, your demand will only increase as you revitalize and improve the quality of your portfolio.

Since 2011 I have been developing techniques to achieve perfection in a 3D illustration. I started using Modo as a tool. After establishing an excellent workflow I decided to migrate to C4D and apply the same technique and reasoning. It worked 100% right! I did work on Corona and Redshift. Both worked perfectly.

After a long time mentoring my students I noticed that many of them struggled to create perfect product images in Blender. So, I decided to study Blender and again apply the same techniques, reasoning and strategy. Doing this I could help my students reach satisfactory results and to be hired by multinational consumer goods companies.

As a result, I was able to achieve my goal and today I use Blender in my workflow. 

My conclusion is that no matter what 3D software you use, there is always a way that you can achieve incredible results if you learn to look and apply effective thinking.

Today I define my workflow as simple and surprisingly innovative.

Here are some jobs I have created for multinationals around the world

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