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Andre Caputo

3D Artist / 3d Product Expert / Designer

Andre Caputo decided to focus on the consumer goods market in 2011 and figured out this is the best and richest market for the independent 3D designers. After all these years attending the biggest multinationals in the market, he developed an artistic look and techniques that transformed his life forever. Today Andre leads a group of ambitious designers determined to become the biggest 3D food professionals in the market and thus fulfill their dreams of living anywhere on the planet serving the best multinationals in the world.

International experience
12 years (until 2023)

International Award
Platinum Winner A’Design Award & Competition 2021

Awarded Personal Project
The Majestic Watch

Grand Award Jury
Jury Member of A’Design Award & Competition 2023

DAC | Computer Graphics Design Classifications
2nd World’s Best Computer Graphics Designers

Why should I have a mentor?

We have a lot of difficulty judging our own work and becoming a professional outside the curve. We’re tired of trying to develop techniques to achieve extraordinary results, but we’re frustrated because we can’t get there. In the end, we know that if we don’t have results, we can’t charge what we dream of charging for our work. Furthermore, time is our most precious resource. That’s how I know you don’t need me to offer you just a few tutorials to make you waste more of your precious time! As a mentor, my job is to create opportunities for us to build a strong bond that allows me to understand your difficulties with your 3D images and help you become one of the biggest players in the international market.


Who is Wonder Mentoring for?

If you are facing one of these situations, this mentoring program is for you.
You have a goal in mind and a single option: accomplish it!


Great mentor relationships are based on mutual trust, respect, and admiration, which is why I choose my students carefully through a selection process made up of two steps:

I’m looking forward to meeting you!


+ 5-month program:

The mentoring cycle lasts 5 months, with the possibility of joining the following cycles.

+ 1 group mentoring session per month:

My mentees get together once a month to discuss the goals, learn my artistic vision, market strategies, techniques and workflow that I use in my jobs. It’s a great time to get a head start on conquering the international market.

+ 1-year access to all my Wonder Skills Membership classes:

This is a powerful tool for mentees to develop their techniques faster, learn my workflow and achieve high quality results faster. Wonder Skills lessons can be applied to any 3D software.

+ custom targeting:

Mentoring is in a group, but targeting is individual. Everyone will receive specific directions so that you are prepared as quickly as possible to start receiving international requests.

+ Whatsapp individual mentoring session between monthly group sessions:

This is a great advantage of my mentorship. The mentee will not remain in “limbo” waiting for the next session. With the use of whatsapp, the mentee will have direct access to me, being able to share their advances and receive feedback. Thus, on the day of the next session we will be able to make fine adjustments and move on with new challenges.

+ feedback using 3D software and more:

During the mentoring session, the mentee or mentor will be able to share their screens and present their questions. Andre has knowledge of three 3D softwares: Blender, C4D and Modo. Renderers: Cycles, Corona, Redshift and Modo (native). Other software from the Adobe package will be used if necessary.

Do not take my word for it.
Listen to my mentees.


Safe purchase with 7-day unconditional guarantee.

Pay in full

US$ 3,000.00


3 installments of US$ 1,200.00


Another great news is that you can be part of the Wonder Team. In this group, I invite my mentees who dedicated themselves during mentoring and achieved the transformation of the look and techniques. Thus, I trust in counting on their collaboration and bringing them to develop with me some works of my international clients. When it comes to Networking more than technical performance, soft skills are considered as well.


“I know, it’s not easy. We don’t know where to start. We don’t know how to judge our own 3D images. We don’t know how to price what we offer. We feel intimidated by professionals who are already in the market and we think we will never achieve that result. We get discouraged, get frustrated with the profession and start to believe that this is not for us. I’m here exactly to show you that all of this can be learned and can change your life forever.” | Andre Caputo

Do you have any questions?

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