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Created by Andre Caputo
Updated December 1, 2023
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The Wonder Class is a mastering course that I developed to teach, in a very didactic way, my artistic vision and strategies to 3D artists achieve my results. This is the first course with this purpouse in the world.

The goal of this course is not a tutorial to replicate the image but empower other artists to create images like mine. In each lesson I’ll guide the students to improve their artistic vision, to perceive some details that can give life to the image. For example, I show 3D techniques to create procedural textures with simple tools to create details in order to create high quality images. Throughout the course, the artist will be able to understand all my workflow and reasoning behind each step.

The lessons are 100% recorded and on-line, so the student can watch and practice anytime and revisit throughout the year.

The lessons cover since the visual reading of some reference, through sketching, modeling, procedural texturing, lighting, render and post production. Therefore, if the student follow this valuable content and practice with perseverance, they will learn and will be able to renew their portfolio with stunning images and attract more clients.

Requirement: knowledge of some 3D software. This course is running in Modo, but this is not about software, it’s about artistic vision and techniques (using simple tools ) to achieve the best result in any 3D software.

BONUS – Wondershop | 3D Fancy Cake

When you buy the Wonder Class | 3D Cookie, you will receive the Wondershop | 3D Fancy Cake for free to improve even more your learning.

The Wondershop course also explores visual reading, modeling, procedural texture, lighting, rendering and post production.


You will have 7 days after purchasing Wonder Class | 3D Cookies to cancel without justification and with privacy guaranteed. To request, send an email to sales@andrecaputo.com and 100% of your investment will be refunded.

Upon purchase, you will have access to the first 7 lessons of the course for your evaluation.
After 8 days from the day of purchase all other classes will be available.

What you will learn?

For whom are the Wonder Class course?

They are for 3D artists, designers or any professional who already knows how to use some 3D software such as Blender, C4D, Modo, Max, among others. It is not a tool focused on the tool, but for the artistic view, techniques and strategies that how to reach the best result on the market. This is a more course where I show the process from the analysis of references to post production. This is a course where I approach deeper analysis in the conception of an image.

What software do you use in the course?

I use Modo in this class, but it's not a course focused on tools, but on the artistic look, techniques, strategy, workflow and reasoning. The same workflow concept can be applied to any 3D software such as Blender, C4D, Max, among others.

See below some works of students who used Blender, Modo and Max: